Slotomania VIP Benefits Include Gold Status and Slot Machine Prizes

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Slotomania VIP Benefits Include Gold Status and Slot Machine Prizes

Welcome to Playtika, the powerful, exclusive, free online loyalty program whereby only playing can earn you big rewards! Playtika Rewards is UNLIMITED FREE for you to join plus all you have to do to be a top Slotomania VIP member is to keep on playing after all, it is the world’s #1 internet slot! When we first heard about this game our eyebrows were raised and then confusion set in as to why such a “unique” game would require memberships. We quickly discovered that they had chosen a unique name like Playtika because of the nature of the game. We all love playing slot machines and we all enjoy making potty bets, but what we didn’t know was that by playing the same machine over and making consistent bets that we would indeed be rewarded with a huge jackpot.

Slotomania VIP gives its members a free slot machine each month, which they can then play with and earn coins to buy/sell different things in the game. The more coins a player earns the more rewards they receive. The various slots are progressive slot machines, so the more you play the more rewards. The slots also change in difficulty depending on what you have selected as your bonus number. The higher your bonus number, the easier it becomes to beat the odds and earn bigger prizes.

In order to access your VIP package, you must be a member and then you can instantly start playing with no start up fee. As soon as you become a member you will receive your free slotomania vip code. Your code will entitle you to a special rate on all purchases at the website and you can use the same code to earn multiple free gifts. You will get a free gift every time you make a purchase at their website. Each of these free gift offers comes with a silver status point.

Gold status points are awarded to those who play for at least twenty-five minutes continuously. People who win bronze status points are entitled to a free lucy that is redeemable. People who receive four hundred and fifty gold status points are entitled to a platinum slotomania VIP package. Platinum members get a premium slotomania machine and are eligible for twenty-five minutes of free play. People who obtain a bronze status point or higher qualify for a golden slotomania VIP package.

All players automatically receive the daily free gift which normally includes a slot machine, reel, ticket, blank slate, and a slot machines coupon book. You are also qualified to play the Mega Machines, which are situated inside the casino. The Mega Machines are very exciting because they offer special prizes to players when they play them. The players who win more than one prize during a single day qualify for the VIP packages.

The main slotomania vip benefits include access to various games and machines as well as a chance to earn cash and prizes. You can also participate in different surveys and events and be entered in a draw for a free trip or a lucy. When you become a member of the VIP club you will also have access to a news feed and a fan page. You can create your own fan page on MySpace where you can share post messages and show off your latest activity. Other than slot machines there are many other games on this online social network site that you can participate in and win virtual money.